Carolina Herrera unveils classy looks for spring at Hospice Evening

By Shannon Donnelly – Daily News Society Editor 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Leave it to Carolina Herrera to make denim and gingham glamorous.

The stalwart of American women’s fashion showed her spring 2017 collection at the Flagler Museum on Jan. 20 at the annual Hospice Evening 2017.

It was a study in black and white — a perfect match for the black-and-white color scheme of the gala — with a sprinkling of peach, pink and nude as an homage to spring.

Then there was the blue. A gown comprising curls of soft blue denim moved across the runway like waves over the surface of the ocean. A denim midi dress was accented with bow ties on the sleeve and a smooth drop.

The standouts were a black-and-white gingham gown, drawn from one of her own favorite garments of years past, and and her trademark, the classic shirtdress ballgown, neatly fitted at the top and flowing into an sea of voluminous swirls below the waist. And pockets!