Kitten nursery opens at Animal Rescue League


Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is opening a new Kitten Nursery on its Military Trail campus, to save lives of newborn kittens that require 24-hour care to survive.

The plan is to save hundreds of kittens as part of the Countdown 2 Zero program to save the lives of all adoptable pets in Palm Beach County.

“Some of the kittens whose lives have already been saved thanks to the Kitten Nursery could be available for adoption at the upcoming September 10th Countdown 2 Zero Event at the Palm Beach County Convention Center” explains Rich Anderson, Executive Director and CEO of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League.  Anderson continues, “Event hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with free admission, free parking and nearly 1,000 animals to choose from.”

To keep the nursery disease-free and protect kittens whose immune systems have not yet developed, the nursery is closed to the public as well as staff and volunteers not authorized to enter. When the kittens are old enough to eat on their own (usually around 4 weeks old), they will be placed in foster homes where they will continue to grow and get socialization before returning to the League for adoption, Anderson said.

 The nursery, which can hold up to twenty litters at any given time, will be staffed 24-hours a day by employees and  volunteers, all  trained in bottle-feeding and the neonatal care.

For information about the Kitten Nursery, visit or call 561-686-3663.