St. Clare Catholic School: Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Posted on March 4, 2015 by Lee Hershfield

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Rene Carr, Desiree Stroumbas, and Liz and Ella Rivera
Rene Carr, Desiree Stroumbas, and Liz and Ella Rivera

St. Clare Catholic School cannot simply be defined by the superior quality of education it affords its students. This North Palm Beach school is well defined by the tenets of the Catholic faith, which are embraced by their faculty and staff and shared with their St. Clare family, including the broader community of the Palm Beaches. It may be said that when St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, everyone is Irish, and when Fat Tuesday approaches, everyone is a member of the St. Clare family. The school welcomed their friends and neighbors – their extended family – to their 24th annual Mardi Gras festival. It is a time of bumper cars, Ferris wheels and food truck invasions, rollercoaster rides and a humorously intense putt-putt competition, and traditional as well as Cajun festival fare. Forget your diet and heart arrhythmias; a touch of vertigo and a dollop of glucose await you, atop a hefty scoop of fun, at the carnival for a cause.

Speaking above the din of slashing electric guitars, masterfully played by the local rock group Jumbo Shrimp, Rene Carr, a parent ambassador and mother of two St. Clare students, said of her children, “They’re loving St. Clare. They love the religious education and the small-family feel of the school. They are spiritually and emotionally connected with their friends and to their religion.” And turning the conversation back to the party in progress, Carr, who is from New Orleans, advised, “Eat at the Cajun café. They’ve got crawfish pasta and it is awesome!”

At the conclusion of the festival, Courtney Ward Tellier, president of the St. Clare Home & School Association, reflected upon the past days of fun: “St. Clare Catholic School’s famous Mardi Gras festival left an indelible mark on our community yet again. Gorgeous weather, savory Cajun cuisine, live entertainment and exciting rides ensured the success of our event. Thank you to all who attended, sponsored and volunteered. See you next year for the 25th anniversary of our Mardi Gras festival.”

If you missed the Mardi Gras festival and you’d like to be part of the St. Clare School family, don’t miss their upcoming fishing tournament celebrating the school’s 50th anniversary.

St. Clare Catholic School is located at 821 Prosperity Farms Rd. in North Palm Beach. Find out more by calling (561) 622-7171 or visiting

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